Our Mission Statement

riverview brings the experience and flexibility of a physical viewing to any device, anywhere, anytime. Our mission is to eliminate the need for multiple physical viewings, optimising time and reducing the letting process' carbon footprint: making letting better, making the planet better.


About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2020 by a team of ambitious graduates from the Entrepreneurial Scotland network, riverview was launched during a time of uncertainty. When Scotland went into lockdown in March, we watched as the number of available properties increased every day and the struggles that agencies faced to rent their properties. We recognised the challenges faced by the letting industry and the risks of Covid-19 spreading during physical viewings, and we knew that the technology existed to make this process better and safer. Coupled with our personal experiences of renting across the country, we knew that it was time for Scotland lead the change for better rental homes. 


Working closely with agencies across Scotland, we have carefully designed a digital viewing package that eliminates the need for multiple, inefficient physical property viewings. By creating an optimised digital product, we strive to use the best technology to make the letting process more efficient, sustainable and accessible.

Core Values


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