Get to know riverview with riverview 101: FAQs, tips and example content to help you make the most of your property.

what is included in my riverview package?

Put simply, riverview is a comprehensive virtual viewing package, including...

360˚ virtual viewings

flythrough videos

still photography

advanced floorplans.

preparing your property for riverview

We want to show your property for it really is, that's why we ask that the property is dressed before we enter, and that it is empty for 72 hours beforehand. 

how will riverview assist my business?

riverview helps its clients by replicating physical property viewings in digital content. That means that prospective tenants can view your property from anywhere in the world, at anytime. 

Reduced void period and carbon emissions. Increased efficiency. 

will i pay per room?

No. riverview charges a standard price for 5 rooms (plus the hallway).


The only additional charge is £5 for extra rooms.

Preparing your property
Uploading riverview to your platform

Byram Tavadia – “Zone Letting” Group Managing Director

“Riverview entered the market at precisely the right time for our business. The enhanced virtual viewing packages have allowed us to showcase our properties and qualify all of our leads without the necessity for physical viewings. We can’t help but think that this will become industry standard before long”

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